Union Oyster House

We ventured to the Union Oyster House two weekends ago. My parents and brother were in town for the Mary Poppins musical.

I was a little (or a lot) afraid that it would be a giant tourist trap with overpriced bad food. The food was delicious. It was on the expensive side but the portions were certainly hefty.

We were even able to sit in the JFK booth.
Patrick, Shawn, Kelly (sorry for the bad photos, they're from my phone)
Mom in a Red Sox seat. I'm pretty surprised she didn't try to steal it. Then again, maybe she's just planning until next time.


Speedy Recovery

Janet - Lots of love and best wishes for a quick and easy recovery!

Have A Speedy Recovery (Roadrunner)

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Theme Dinner

3 buck Chuck plus 5 buck cluck does not suck!


Vegas 3

On our second and last night in Vegas, we hit the major tourist attractions.

Obligatory photo with Elvi (maybe the plural is Elvises?). The guy on the right is by far my favorite.

Shawn's dates for the evening.Headed to the Paris to go up the mini Eiffel tower. (Of course with a 2-for-1 coupon.)
The city lights at night.Bellagio.Beginning of Bellagio water show. It was really neat to watch it from this perspective. Looking north on the strip.Looking south.At the Mirage waiting for the volcano show.Headed to the airport in the morning!


Liberace Museum

I think it was destiny that made it rain that day. Because of the bad weather, we had ample time to explore the Liberace Museum!

Going to the museum was one of my must see's in Vegas. I am not exaggerating. I was really, really excited...and I had a coupon which makes everything awesome. Sadly, the Liberace Museum closed it's doors on October 17th. But with the magic of old summer photos, I'll give you a glimpse into the sparkle filled experience.Various bedazzled Wladziu Valentino Liberace heads.
Liberace had really simple taste. Yeah right!Sweet rides.

A huge collection of rare, ornate pianos.The museum is split into two sections which are oddly located on different ends of a strip mall parking lot.I know. Liberace would probably be saddened by my outfit's lack of sparkle. At least I had some bright colors on.
Snazzy boots.Now that's one big @ss rhinestone.Shawn's fav outfit. I would pay him big bucks to go to the grocery store in that.My fav outfit. Anytime you can combine patriotism and booty shorts, I'm in.The museum had a replica robe to take photos. I almost ripped it off the guy in front of us. I was just a wee bit excited.Feeling faboosh!Looking mahvelous!Nice kicks.Slot machines.The cardboard cut out that almost came home with us.